Sunday, October 4, 2020


As I said in my last blog, when I arrived in Oldenburg I stayed in my friend Corneila's apartment. She's usually away during that time but due to the COVID 19 lockdown, 
Corneila and her partner returned home making individual privacy a bit difficult. Solution - Corneila introduced me to her friends Gudrun and Herbert who had a lovely garden apartment attached to their home.

Gudrun and Herbert welcomed me with open arms. They did everything possible to make me feel comfortable and concerned themselves with my well-being and happiness. 

We cooked together, made music together (Herbert pays guitar), took long walks in the woods, went bicycle riding and visited friends together. What a wonderful couple!

COVID presented me with many opportunities, the most important being to nurture old friendships and make new ones.

I am truly blessed to have the support and love of my incredible friends in Germany!

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  1. My sister you have always and always be a inspiration to others, the reason no one wants to see you go and always want to see you come back.
    May the Lord continue yo lead and guide you.

    1. Thank you my sister. You have always been an inspiration to me too!

  2. Plwaae excuse the spelling and grammer error. I do not see how to correct it. I hope you can do that for me
    I wanted to say and always WILl be.
    Not yo but to.
    Love you.