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Once a month (and sometimes more often) as promised I publish a new story to keep you, my subscribers up to date with my adventures. As the days go by, I have many ideas about the things I want to write about. Alas, because of the Corona crisis I’m still stranded and finding it challenging to address other issues.

I’ve been separated from my family since February 24th when I started my trip from Mexico to NYC to Germany. Little did I know I would be stranded here, concerts cancelled and no source of income, while my husband who is isolated in Mexico struggles to maintain our household and feed our two dogs.

In the last 30 days two of my family members have contracted COVID-19. We are praying for their quick and complete recovery. I have already lost several friends and acquaintances to this controversial new COVID strain– is it man-made? Is it biological warfare? Did it come from a fish market or from an accident at a laboratory in Wuhan, China? Did the American military develop it and try to blame it on China? Is it a conspiracy to reduce the global population? I can ask a thousand questions and get a thousand answers. The problem is, which answers are true and which are false? The problem is I have more questions than answers.

When will the crisis be over? That’s a question that everyone is asking but no one has the answer. I’ve heard official speculations ranging from May 11th, 2020 to 2024. Every country has a different strategy for getting back to “normal”. Clearly, we will never be “normal“ again.

I actually wanted to tell you how happy I am here. I’m being well taken care of by friends who are helping me to do more than survive. I’m spending a lot more time being creative, exercising and taking care of my health. I’m enjoying the sun and the rain, cooking and sleeping, singing and praying, and philosophizing.


If my husband and dogs were here life would be almost as perfect as it is in Mexico. Oh, how I miss them!!! Thank God for technology. I talk with Rey every day for almost 4 hours and really enjoy watching my puppy grow leaps and bounds in the two + months that I have been AWOL.

The experience of being separated has been extremely disorientating for me. I’m lonely. I miss being hugged. I miss the camaraderie and the mutual security of being with the one person who always has my back no matter what. I miss the kisses and skin to skin passion that makes me know I’m loved. I’m anxious to get home and continue our adventure.

So how do I deal with this martial-law-like suppression of my personal freedom? I’m taking this time to be introspective and better myself as a human being. I’m refining my talents and finding freedom in creativity. I’m learning more about myself and nurturing old and new relationships. I’ve learned to cherish precious moments spent on telephone calls and have found new excitement in following Facebook threads or receiving text messages from family and friends.

I now look at people who I’ve never seen before and pray for them as I pass them on the street. People are generally much more cordial, considerate and ready to help. Social distancing has made many people afraid to even greet one another so I’m overwhelmed by the people who are reaching out to me. I do my best to give whatever I can of myself so that I am not only taking.

I’m awed by health providers and first responders who put themselves on the front-line risking death to save lives, as well as the bravery of those who speak out against the COVID politic. I’m angry at the world leaders who have the luxury of playing politics with our lives, especially those who continue to profit from the misery of the population- selling medical supplies and drugs and profiting from insider trading.

I no longer have faith in our government. They and every other government in the world have abused the trust of the people by lying, conspiring and manipulating the world economy to the benefit of the wealthiest 2%. They are callously diminishing the middle class while poor people left without health care and jobs are counted as dead before they take their last breath.

I’m spending a lot of time watching documentaries like “The Family”, “Dirty Money”, “Freedom From Choice” and “The Planet of the Humans”, and re-reading books like “1984”, “Soylent Green”, “The Eyes of Darkness” and “Profiles In Corruption”. When I’ve spent too much time watching the news and documentaries about rich people puppeting the politicians who control our lives, I have nightmares.

I am decidedly opinionated and have a hard time communicating with people who cannot accept my right to disagree. Fear has befuddled so many people they cannot recognize truth from deception, and base their conclusions on unsubstantiated speculation. I feel it is my responsibility to be up-to-date on conspiracy theories and fact check information.

I find my circle of friends getting smaller and my circle of “acquaintances“ getting larger. Friends who demand that I blindly obey restrictions handed out by the “authorities” disconnect when my decisions about my life conflict with their politically fear driven behavior. That’s okay. I am already a slave to the system. I will not be further oppressed by “friends“ who are afraid to question the value of universal health care, the destruction of the global economy and blatant legislation dooming targeted members of the population to perpetual poverty.

It seems like people are willing to believe anything just to deny that the world is being oppressed by greed, deceit and manipulation. I really don’t know what to say about the protests and demands to speedily reopen the states. We the people have been so manipulated and lied to there are no confirmable truths even about the Corona virus. Still, I am appalled that lockdown protesters in Michigan entered the state capitol armed with weapons of war.

I thank you for bearing with me as I stand on my soap box. As I become older and wiser, I feel more need to share the knowledge, compassion and wisdom I have been blessed to accumulate. God is good and this too shall pass. Take care of yourselves, keep the faith and stay healthy.


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